Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Week.

    Ugh. I am soooo glad that this week is over! It was long. And boring. The highlight was getting blood drawn, which I enjoyed immensely. The doctors were wondering if my thyroid was unhappy. Apparently it is. That means we can be certain my thyroid is physically happy. Mentally, not so much.
     I was going to go ice skating with a bunch of friends, but then I realized that I had caught 'The Cold'. It has been getting people for the last few weeks, and I succumbed. Bummer. In my 'Adolescent Existing' class, we have to write in a journal for a while. I made a list of viral hemorrhagic fevers that I don't have, and I felt better about my cold. But it is the weekend, and I will sleep and feel better. That's how it goes.

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