Sunday, October 2, 2011


     So. I know I keep saying this, but I had the craziest week. I had stuff every day, and then a swimming camp. But possibly the worst part is that I had to CLEAN THE BATHROOM! I keep trying to come up with arguments about why I shouldn't have to clean it, but as I'm the only one who uses it, I suppose it is only fair that I should clean it. After scrubbing out the tub and beating back the killer hairballs on the scary yellow Formica counters, I decided to clean the toilet. It isn't a fun task, but it needs to be done. I began, and then I realized how I could make it more fun. New Age! (Now, I'm not a huge New Age person, but I do listen now and then.) I sat and listened to the passionate music, and imagined the hopes and dreams of humanity being washed down the bowl with a few shakes of Comet. That made it much more fun.

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