Sunday, September 18, 2011


   I have had a crazy, crazy, week. I think there is more chlorine in my system than iron. I hope my blood turns green. I would be OK with that. I'm on the Chateau d'If swim team. When people hear that I'm on a swim team, they automatically assume that I must be a good swimmer. If only that were true. It tuns out that you don't need to be a good swimmer to be on a team. I actually look like an asthmatic cat having a seizure that got a premature burial at sea.
    That's about what I look like. Yes, I am that white. 

      One of the highlights of the practices is when we get to use our fins. I feel like a motorboat.  But then my coach tells us to take them off, and we all go back to the drowning asthmatic cat thing.  

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