Friday, June 7, 2013

The Setup-In Which Nothing Particularly Exciting is Discussed, But Plans are Made.

      What's this? A blog post? It's been too long. School is over now though, and I have time for life the universe and everything once more. In fact, I was in my bed last night , stressing myself out about morning practice (tales for another day) and thinking....I have a tiny bit of surplus creative and expressive energy. Perhaps I should write on my blog.
    Now the issue is....what to write. I suppose that the creative energy exist to a lesser extent than I previously thought. I have many things I could write about, including: my recent fascination with Finland, perilous swim adventures with wicked-fast thirteen-year-olds, my recent attempts at domesticity, or the new found passionate love I have for our Bradypodidae (Three toed Sloth)  friends. (Side note: while I was checking the spelling of Bradypodidae, I was attempting to feed my love for Finnish culture by listening to their version of American Idol. Conclusion: Finnish pop music is not for me. I was unpleasantly startled; there were distinct feline sounds coupled with synthesizer. Maybe I just feel that way because I don't know Finnish.)
     Because there happens to be a whole host of topics I wish to discuss in the coming weeks and months, I will compile a short list things that certainly need to be addressed:

  • Mumford and Sons. It's pure banjo happiness. And for the record, banjo happiness is happier than regular happiness. 
  • Of Monsters and Men. It's pure Nordic folk/rock happiness, which is not unlike banjo happiness. 
  • The Decemberists. I can't articulate how fantastically wonderful their lyrics are, even though I'm still not quite sold on "The Hazards of Love". 
  • The perils of being a quiet Trekkie in a world obsessed with the  J.J. Abrams reboot. For the record, I did enjoy "Into Darkness", and not just because of Benedict Cumberbatch. 
  • Swimming. Don't get me started. 
  • Things that scare me. 
     These are a few things that will hopefully be remotely interesting to some of you, and very interesting to one or even two of you. Have a fantastic Friday!