Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Ba-ack!

     People have been upset lately that I have not been posting. They tell me that they miss my blog, and that I should post again. I then proceed to making an excuse. The reason I haven't been posting on my blog is because... and it goes downhill from there. The actual reason I haven't been posting on my blog is because of swimming. The season is officially over though, and I will now have time to exist.
     Swimming has actually been fun though, and I am kind of sad that it is over. I can do more push ups than last year, and I get to wear the cool team jacket. It is all worth it if you get to wear a cool jacket.
     Tomorrow is actually my birthday! I will be a year older than I am now, and three years older than I was three years ago. (How is that for specific?) I am probably most excited for the bacon I am having for breakfast. I love bacon. I got my own pair of figure skates (early) from my grandparents to give me something to do while I am not swimming. I was also given permission to see the midnight premier of The Hunger Games  so long as my mom won't have to pick me up in jail the next morning. I said we would have to see about the jail part, because I do have a tendency to become irrational late at night.
     Well, that's all for today, folks. I hope to be posting more lately!

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